Saturday, October 9 is scheduled for the District A Arts and Music Festival and the weatherman is cooperating with beautiful weather.  It's the perfect way to experience all that is going on in Kennedy Heights and Pleasant Ridge related to the arts scene.

The day has been termed a "Progressive Party" and it is in more ways than one.  Yes, it does move you from place to place for activities much like the Progressive Parties you may have visited in your neighborhoods.  But it is also an example of "progressive" that more neighborhoods should be copying.  By combining forces and offering exciting events, they can be be more than just other words, more than the sum of their parts.

Kennedy Heights - 10am - 1 pm

ballet tech(now called aim:cincinnati) - free dance classes and a preview of TwiNight at noon

Kennedy Heights Arts Center and The Green Corner/Giving Garden - hands on art and artists at work, plus food and drinks fro HD Beans Cafe.  Guild Artists Porch Sale.  Music by Tom Hepburn, Polished Brass, and KHAC World Drum Ensemble

Green Corner - Farmers Market and art by Meg Triantafillou at the Kunken Gallery and Jarrett and Celene Hawkins.  Music by Christinana and Jon Wygant.  Food from the Giving Garden

Kennedy Heights Cultural Center- see the plans for the new center at the corner of Kennedy and Montgomery 

Pleasant Ridge - noon - 5pm

Pleasant Ridge Library - traditional mountain music from the Cincinnati Dulcimern Society, gospel sounds, instrument making with Michael Thompson and hands on art for the family.  A Library Book Sale will be going on at the same time.

Along Montgomery Road Business District - Art Show and Sale

Music - on the hour from local performers, including Ellen Mershon, Serenity Fischer, Walk the Moon and Christian Knoffer

Food by Athena Market and Comfort Catering, plus all the restaunants along Montgomery

All Saints Church - 5-9 pm - Enjoy musical, visual and culinary artists at a party to celebrate the creative gifts in the neighborhood.  More music by FO MO Brothers, Julie spangler and Roger Klug and dancing with Nativity CODE.

What is District A?  It is an initiative sponsored by Kennedy Heights and Pleasant Ridge as a collaboration for regional development towards even more diverse and vibrant communities in the future. They envision arts as core to that development.

Their mission is "community investment, and to do that they connect local arts, business and community assets to stimulate and sustained community vitality and economic growth within and beyond our neighborhood boundaries."  Very noble indeed...and one that deserves to be copied by many!