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Highlights of Carmelle in Mason - Hosts of Cincinnati's Homearama

by The Cincinnati Team

Mary and I went to Realtor's day at Homearama this week.  It was a beautiful Fall afternoon and the perfect way to see what some of the builders are offering the public in response to the current economic climate. 

This year's Homearama at Carmelle in Mason features 5 homes instead of the 10 from last year.  Additionally, the average $761,360 price is less than half of last year's $1.9 million.  But the square footage of 5,664 on average is much more than half of the 7,626 sq feet of 2008.

Consumers definitely are spending more time researching their home choices and analyzing the market than in previous years.  In making decisions, they are more careful to be sure that the value is substantiated and feel as though the slower market gives them that leisure.  It appears as though quality of construction and amenities available have trumped the need for more and more square footage. 

Common features seen in many of the homes offered are:

  • Green buildingis part of every offering this year.  Universally, builders and consumers alike are looking for energy efficiency savings.  Gene Kopaygorodsky, owner of K Homes, incorporated the maximum of insulation, a solar hot water heater and a hybrid heating and cooling system in his offering, the "Susanna."
  • Outdoor living space is paramount. The economy is forcing more people to spend additional time in their homes and entertain there more often. Every single one had an outdoor fireplace/firepit. Our favorite outdoor space was the large covered patio with a double-sided fireplace  at the Maison do la Grace built by High Point Custom Homes and Summit Custom Homebuilders. 
  • All homes shared some similar architectural elements. Stone, Stone and more Stone...interesting that all the homes used a lot of stone on the exteriors and tended to repeat it again inside or on the outdoor spaces.  Each home has a hip roof and, overall, the five homes create a Tudor feel to the street.  Our favorite exterior was the Nottoway by Fischer just can't beat the look of the added lightening rod look-alikes on the roofline and we both loved the second floor terrace overlooking the front yard.
  • Lavish Landscaping with water features were seen in several of the homes.  Of particular interest is the work of Gayle Frazer with the help of Bob Meyer Landscape Service at the Fischer Home and Landscaping by Don Gilb at the Drees Homes offering.  Gayle designed a unique water feature just outside the walk out lower level that naturally connected the outside spaces.  My personal favorite was the Don Gilb offering because of the unique combination of perennials and shrubs for continuous bloom. Their water feature enhanced the entrance to the home.  Since Gayle designed my landscaping and Don Gilb executed it, I guess I was already predisposed to like them!
  • All of the homes provided open space for family living.  We particularly liked the Susanna by K Homes. Rather than the unused living room, they placed the kitchen in a combination hearth room on one side and great room on the other side.

Plan to attend the show.  It runs through September 27, Monday-Friday, 4 - 10PM and Saturday and Sunday Noon - 10 pm.  Save money by buying your tickets at Krogers.


Analysis of Cincinnati's New Home Market

by The Cincinnati Team

Dan Dressman, Executive Director of the Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati presented an analysis of Cincinati's home building  market to the Women's Council of Realtors this week.  He gave a great update of how business is progressing for local home builders.

First he brought up this year's Homearama at Carmelle in Mason.  Two of the homes from K Homes and High Pointe Custom Homes have already been sold.  Other homes have been built by Drees, Fischer and John Henry Homes.  The average show price is $761,360 and the average square feet is 5,664.  That compares to an average of $1.9 million average price and 7,626 square fert in 2008.  There are 5 homes in the show compared to 10 last year.

He then continued with information about building permits for single family homes. 

 County    # Units     Average Price    Top Selling Area



Hamilton      237           $322,050             Colerain Township

 Butler          324           $204,844             Liberty Township 

Clermont      220           $182,585            Union Township

Warren         439           $206,595            Hamilton Township

$224,001 average

Dressman also announced that there will be a Citirama, planned for the Northside area, in June.  This reflects expressed desires from the public for urban lifestyles, more walkable commuities, and reduced drive time.

Have these Home Fads Fallen Out of Style with Cincinnati Buyers?

by The Cincinnati Team

What trends do you think are falling out of favor with buyers?

Call or email us and we’ll give you our experienced opinion.

1. Fireplaces: In 1991, 62% of new homes had one or more. The number has steadily decreased since. In 2007, only 51% had them.

2. Carpet: 54% still have carpeted floors, the number is decreasing and hardwood floors are taking it’s place. Vinyl and ceramic tile are also being bypassed by buyers. 17% of new homes contain hardwood floors throughout the entire home.

3. Living Room: These once decorative centerpieces of homes are slowly vanishing from newer homes. 34% of buyers say they’d buy a home without a living room.

4. Desks in the kitchen: Most see them as clutter spaces. Consumers prefer larger desks in or near a family room – equipped with a messaging center where they can work on the computer and watch the kids, simultaneously.

5. Skylights: Only 10% of new homes will include these this yr.

Cincinnati Homes with Style and Grace

by The Cincinnati Team

Do you long for your Cincinnati home to have a room that radiates warmth like the ones in the magazines? You can get the same great look with a little cleverness and inspiration.

You can create rooms that are infused with style and grace by following some basic principles. The very first thing you will want to do is make a list of what you "do" in each room. How do you live in your house? After all, this is what primarily sets your home apart from your neighbor’s or your mother’s home.

If you like to entertain often, you will need to decide how many surfaces you’ll need to place drinks and plates(for the less formal gatherings) or how many will be seated.

Picture your living room with the number of people you usually have in it. Then decorate for that amount.

  • Do guests often break into smaller, more intimate groups, or converse in a large area?
  • Is the traffic flow roomy enough? Or do you have to squeeze by one another because the furniture is too bulky for the setting?
  • When alone, does your home allow you to put your feet up and relax? Or do you need to purchase an ottoman or a recliner for your family room?
  • Is there visual comfort as well? Do you have appealing artwork or sculptures? Do you have keepsakes on display? Did you include a focal point in each room?
  • How is the lighting and where is it situated?
  • Is your furniture actually comfortable? Or did you buy it because it looked nice or matched what you were searching for?

Once all these elements are in place you will be surprised how stylish your home is.  Good luck in making a comfortable Cincinnati home that others admire for its style and grace!

Cincinnati Realtor Super Open House Sunday

by The Cincinnati Team

Saturday, September 12 and Sunday, September 13 have been designated as Cincinnati Area Realtor Super Open House Weekend dates.  It is anticipated that there will be over 1000 homes open for viewing.  If you are thinking of going to some of them, here is a link that will take you directly to the Greater Cincinnati open houses.

Mary and l will be hosting open houses on Sunday at condos we have listed at:

4320 Regency Ridge, Unit 106, Bridgetown from 12:30-1:30 pm

3896 Reading Road, Unit E, North Avondale from 1-2:30 PM

252 Stetson, Unit #105, Corryville from 2-3

You might also be interested in reading two white papers that have been published by the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors.

Three Reasons to Buy NOW

Should I Buy a Home Now or Wait?

Of course, as Realtors we want you to enjoy the benefits of homeownership...however, everyone should evaluate their financial strength, time they are likely to stay in the home, and long term goals in evaluating what is right for YOU!

Dancing on Cincinnati's Fountain Square

by The Cincinnati Team

I love the concept of a "Spontaneous " dance that seems to celebrate life.  Last Friday almost 150 people gathered on Fountain Square to bring exciting dance to downtown.  I love the freedom of the dance and the joyfulness it expresses.  Be sure to watch at the end when Victoria Morgan, Cincinnati Ballet Director makes a few inspiring comments.

If we are lucky, they will teach even more people the dance and perform somewhere else!  The community feel is wonderful.

If you want other dance events on Fountain Square, show up on Thursday nights at 7 PM for Salsa on the Square (lessons and dancing).

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