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Green Food in Cincinnati

by The Cincinnati Team

Green Food news for Cincinnati                                                    

Veg News' has listed Cincinnati as one of its "5 Surprising Veg-Friendly Cities in an article by Samuel Hartman of Louisville.  One of those reasons was Park and Vine in downtown Cincinnati.  Their emphasis is on "veganism, sustainability and good food down pat," he noted.  He also recognized Loving Hut in Pleasant Ridge, Melt Electric Deli in Northside, Myra's Dionysus in Clifton Heights and Shanghai Mama's downtown.  Other cities mentioned in the 5 named are Anchorage, Alaska; Kansas City, Missouri; Detroit, Michigan; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Base Camp Cafe - Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

The Green Restaurant Association has designated the Base Camp Cafe at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens as the greenest restaurant in the country.  It is one of only 15 restaurants across the nation to receive the highest rating by the organization.  The restaurant opened this year after being remodeled and retrofit.  One quarter of its power comes from the Zoo's solar electricity array.  These improvements are expected to save the restaurant $10,000 per year.

Other programs within the restaurant that add to its designation include composting of food waste, full recycling program, energy saving kitchen equipment, and the amount of locally grown foods.  The Base Camp offers grass-fed burgers, made-to order salads, and a healthy kids' menu.


by The Cincinnati Team


University of Cincinnati Design School Ranked #3 in the World   

Business Insider recently undertook a survey to find the top 25 design schools in the world.  They were specifically searching for schools that brought value to their graduates.  All of the schools shared similar academics, staff quality and campuses.
Most of the respondents worked as art directors of product designers. They felt that skills and knowledge were the primary benefits of their college level design programs.  They evaluated the schools based upon the percentage of respondents that rated their schools as "somewhat valuable", "valuable" or "extremely valuable".
The University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning was rated #3.  Ahead of them was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab and the Rhode Island School of Design.  Others in the top 5 included Carnegie Mellon School of Design and Parsons the New School of Design.

Wintertime Half-Price Days at the Cincinnati Zoo

by The Cincinnati Team


Follow King Penquins Through the Zoo during Half-price Days
Penquin Days at Cincinnati ZooGet the best of the Cincinnati Zoo when the crowds are gone, but cold weather activities are abundant.  All admission prices are half-price through February 28th and special animal encounters are available daily. 
You'll love following the King Penquins as they parade through the Zoo.  At 10 am, meet them at the Wings to the World exhibit and follow them to the Children's Zoo.  They will do the trip in reverse if you are there at 2:30 pm. For a preview of the tour, check out this video.
On Saturday and Sunday there are also special activities with the polar bears, snow monkeys and elephants.

Cincinnati Zoo's Cheetah Rated Fastest Land Mammal

by The Cincinnati Team


National Geographic to Feature Cincinnati Zoo's Cat                 
Sarah, an eleven-year-old cheetah from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden was rated as the world's fastest land mammal and set a new world speed record.  
She ran the 100 meters in 5.94 seconds. That turns out to be about 61 miles per hour. In contrast, the fastest man recorded only 9.58 seconds for the 100 meters.
Sarah is part of the Zoo's Cat Ambassador Program and used in the Cheetah breeding facility at the Zoo.  This program is designed to halt the extinction of the animals and support education of the public.
Just a few statistics about the cheetah.  They have a flexible spine that allows them to stretch far with each stride...sometimes going over 22 feet in one stride.  They are off the ground more than half of their running time.  Their sharp, hard claws act like cleats for traction in running. No wonder she beats man!

More Honors for University of Cincinnati's Architecture           

‚ÄčUniversity of Cincinnati's Vontz CenterTop Colleges Online believes that architecturally interesting college campuses play a significant part in creating a quality learning environment and successful learning experience.  Interestingly, students who love their campuses report greater overall satisfaction with their college experience.

The University of Cincinnati was again recognized for its focus on bringing internationally known architects to the table when designing new buildings.  Frank Gehry's building, the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies was noted at #38 on their list.  If you see the building on Martin Luther King that looks like it is almost ready to explode, you've seen it.  It is known for its curved lines, skewed windows, and tilted angles.  Did you know it cost $46 million to construct?University of Cincinnati's Steger Student Life Center

Coming in at #35 on their top 50 is the Steger Student Life Center.  This building was designed by Moore Ruble Yudell and houses many student organizations on campus.  In real life, you'll know you are there if you enter the gray battleship that pulled onto campus.  The building was named for Joseph Steger, President of the University while the architecturally significant buildings were coming online.

Ranked #30 is Michael Graves' Engineering Research Center.  Graves is also an alum of the University so his work has special significance.  The building was designed to resemble a four-cylinder engine. 

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