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Cincinnati Ranked High on Literacy Index

by The Cincinnati Team


Cincinnati Ranked in Top 25 Literate Cities in the Nation       

The annual study conducted by Central Connecticut State University of literacy ranked Cincinnati at number 12.  The survey looks at library resources, internet resources, the number of bookstores, periodical publishing resources, newspaper circulation and education levels..

Interestingly, the study has now expanded the definition of reading to include online book orders, e-book readers and page views on local newspaper websites.

The study's aim is to shift attention from school test scores on reading "to how much people are reading and where they're reading the most."  Of the 75 cities ranked, Washington DC came in first for the third year in a row.  Following behind them is Seattle, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Denver.

Great Time to List Your Home - Low Inventory and Low Interest Rates

by The Cincinnati Team



Low interest rates have triggered strong buyer demand across the country, and market activity has been pushing prices upward. Freddie Mac reported another record low for 30-year, conventional fixed-rate mortgages when the national commitment rate dropped to 3.35 percent in November. The rate was 3.99 percent at this time last year.

As inventory continues to drop, we can expect to see more pricing adjustments as buyers compete for the same homes. Time on the market has dropped to 70 days in November, and available inventory has fallen another 3.8 percent to just over 2 million existing homes for sale. At today's sales pace, existing-home inventory will be exhausted in 4.8 months, creating the lowest housing supply since September 2005.

Regionally, existing-home sales rose 7.9 percent in the South, 7.2 percent in the Midwest, and 6.9 percent in the Northeast. Existing-home sales in the West were up 0.8 percent in November, representing a 4.4 percent increase over 2011 levels for the region.


Seeing Stars and the Full Snow Moon in Cincinnati

by The Cincinnati Team


Astronomy Lessons at the Cincinnati Nature Center and Cincinnati Observatory - February 14th and 25th         

The Full Moon Walk will take place at the Cincinnati Nature Center on February 25th. Attendees, eight years old and up, should gather at the Creekside Barn at 7:30 pm.  Imagine looking for signs of animals and wildlife while hiking under a full moon. Registration is required.

Native American tribes often named full moons.  Because the full moon in February usually occurred during the heaviest snow falls, it was called the Full Snow Moon.  Other tribes referred to it as the Full Hunger Moon or Little Famine Moon because hunting was difficult and food scarce.  The Cherokee tribe named it the Full Bony Moon because it was a time when they were forced to gnaw on bones and eat bone marrow soup.

"Turn the lights down low, the stars are out" at the Cincinnati Observatory Center brings romance to you on February 14th at 7 pm. The "Birthplace of American Astronomy" is scheduled to give your Valentine a true, out-of-this-world experience high atop Mt. Lookout.  In addition to viewing the planets of Venus, Jupiter and Mars through the historic telescopes, you will be treated to an evening of music, drinks, chocolate, and flowers.

Host of the evening, Dean Regas, astronomer and co-host of the PBS program Star Gazers, will be talking about the red stars of passion in the winter sky.  Volunteers will also give tours of the building.  This will be an unusual and unexpected opportunity to bring romance to your relationship!

Reservations are required for the evening at $50 per couple.


Children's Theater at its Best at the Playhouse

by The Cincinnati Team


Saturday Family Fun at Rosenthal Next Generation Theatre Series     

The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park's Rosenthal Plaza becomes the home for some of the country's best family performers on Saturdays through March 16th. This year's Rosenthal Next Generation Theatre Series will welcome musicians, storytellers, puppeteers and more. 

Upcoming performances include:

Feb. 16: Trout Fishing in America, an eclectic folk and rock duo
Feb. 23: Tales of Anansi, featuring musicians Bash the Trash
March 2: Bari Koral, with a pop-friendly interactive family concert
March 9: Hansel and Gretel, featuring the Tanglewood Marionettes
March 16: Diane Macklin, storyteller

All Rosenthal Next Generation Theatre Series performances are recommended for ages 4 and up.There are shows at 10:30 am and 1 pm. For more information, visit and tickets, visit

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