Cincinnati Named One of America's Smartest Cities                                

Movoto, an internet company providing a wide array of information and research services, designated Cincinnati to its list of "10 Smartest Cities in America."  They analyzed data from the 100 most populous cities in the country and ranked them on the following criteria:

  • Universities and colleges per person - The focus on education and exploration acts as an incubator of knowledge for the area.
  • Libraries per person - By giving residents an opportunity to borrow free media, all people have access to knowledge. Cincinnati came in second in this category.
  • Education level - They believe that a higher percentage of residents with an advanced degree demonstrated a higher willingness to learn.
  • Media per person (newspapers, TV, radio, magazines) - People are able to continually educate themselves.
  • Museums per person - Museums are academic institutions that educate the public.
  • Public School Rank - Cities with strong school systems better prepare children for the future.