Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science

Learn about how modern forensic science has been used to uncover the secrets of Umi, the Cincinnati Museum Center's new mummy.  Lost Egypt at Cincinnati Union TerminalThe current exhibit will help you uncover the secrets of Egypt for yourself. By visiting Lost Egypt, you'll learn about modern forensic techniques, like X-rays, CT scans and facial reconstructions, that have been applied to the human and animal mummies featured in the exhibit. By using these techniques, scientists can look underneath the mummy's wrappings to get greater insight into the daily lives of this ancient people. In addition, you can explore art and artifacts and connect with real scientists through video interviews and photographs of their work in the field. The exhibit uses theatrical sets, realistic props and tons of hands-on activities.

Lost Egypt will help you make a connection with the past, and see why archeologists now understand more than ever before. Cincinnati may be a long way from Egypt, but understanding the culture of that time period and learning about the science used today is fascinating!