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East Hyde Park Remains in Hyde Park

by The Cincinnati Team

The confusing set of circumstances that led to the area along Erie Avenue from Ashworth down to Broadview  being declared part of Oakley has been clarified!  East Hyde Park residents had worried that being moved from Hyde Park to Oakley would affect property values.  The Cincinnati Multiple Listing Service had decided to strictly enforce the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS) map as the authority of where a home was located.

You can read more about the issue by checking out two previous blog posts:

The Cincinnati City Council met and heard about the issue.  They unanimously approved having the CAGIS map redrawn to place the area back in Hyde Park.

As predicted, there are now other areas petitioning to change their neighborhood designation on the CAGIS map.  Residents of West Price Hill want their neighborhood to be in Covedale.  Charlie Winburn, council member, speculated that Avondale might also want to become three separate parts.  Time will tell!

Media calls it "Border Wars"

by The Cincinnati Team

The "mistake" made when CAGIS set up the Hyde Park East area as Oakley is now being called "Border Wars" by the media.  A story ran this week on WLW-T and is now making the rounds of the residents who live in the area.  You can watch it and see the story they put on their website here:

If you want to educate yourself about the issue and see the presentation that will be used at the Oakley Community Council meeting, it has been upladed to You Tube in two parts because it is over the 10 minute length limit.  The maps and information are very interesting.

Plan to attend the meeting at Oakley Community Center (in Hyde Park Plaza) on August 3rd at 6PM.  Sounds like at least Channel 19 will be there in case there are fireworks.

Hyde Park East Residents Let their Voices Be Heard

by The Cincinnati Team

Hyde Park or Oakley?  Hyde Park or Oakley?  Residents of Hyde Park East are miffed with the decision made by the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors to use CAGIS as the decision making body on street locations. 

Streets off of Erie Avenue, including Ashworth, Hampton, Broadview and Forest Hills are affected.  After being called part of Hyde Park in MLS for the past 40+ years, they are now being put in MLS as Oakley.  All because of CAGIS.

So, what is CAGIS?  They describe themselves in part as:

"The mission of the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS) is to create a revolutionary computerized information sharing system that enables the fundamental transformation of government and utility service management and delivery. CAGIS is to offer government, utility companies, groups, or citizens a new, intelligent, and cost effective tool to make informed decisions based on shared data within a standard framework.

In 1995 CAGIS established the foundation for automating the functions of government and utilities whose activities create the inventories of sewers, land records, water, drainage, electrical systems, streets, right of way, etc. supporting the community.  CAGIS is a consortium of the land and infrastructure agencies in the City of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Cincinnati Bell Telephone and Cincinnati Gas & Electric, plus specific departments served within the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County."

Multiple Listing Service Point of View

The MLS decided to use the CAGIS system ( as a source for the neighborhoods of the City of Cincinnati.  From now on, MLS will review all listings and verify that the area location placed in the Multiple Listing Service information corresponds with the CAGIS System.

You can expect that properties affected most by this change in policy will be those close to the border of various neighborhoods. So, is it Westwood or Covedale, Silverton or Columbia Township, Kennedy Heights or Pleasant Ridge, etc.? Prior to CAGIS, there was no source of accurate neighborhood lines.  Authorization follows census tract data and community councils and city planning guidelines.

Why should you care?

This will affect average and median prices in both Hyde Park and Oakley.  So, is MLS going back and changing all these listings back in history as well?  No one knows for sure.  Also, the Hamilton County Auditor taxes these areas based upon a Hyde Park location...would taxes then go down?

Do you live on a street affected by these changes?  Maybe you know the exact line between Hyde Park and Oakley, or between Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout, or between Mt. Lookout or Columbia Tusculum.  Do you even know if your street could be considered part of another neighborhood? I have lived in the area since 1970 and specific streets have been disputed for all that time.

The Hyde Park East Group has been formed to try to get the affected streets back in Hyde Park by CAGIS and then changed by MLS.  If you are interested, you can watch a video they have prepared that shows the history of the area at:

They have already requested that the Oakley Neighborhood Council declare that these are streets they do not serve.  The organization will be having a neighborhood meeting at the Oakley Community Center (near Biggs in Hyde Park Square) this confusing or what!...on August 3 at 5:30 PM.

If you cannot attend the meeting, but want to comment, you can contact:

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