Arts Wave Sampler Weekends                                        

Arts Wave (formerly the Find Arts Fund) is again sponsoringArts wave - Cincinnati Sampler Weekends...with the emphasis on the plural weekends.  As part of their emphasis on taking the arts to the communities throughout the region, the events have been expanded to encompass six weekends.

So now, you have many more opportunities to celebrate the music, dance, theater, museum and festival offerings around the area.  Take your friends, family, children or neighbors by the hand and plan on some special fun.  Best of all, it's FREE!

Events for February that caught my eye include:

Sat. Feb 26 - Get Smart About Art Festival - Sponsored by the School of Creative and Performing Arts, the day starts at 10am at Music Hall for a Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Lollipop Family Concert and moves to the school at 11am.  The day will feature interactive art making activities with performances and exhibits from over 10 local arts organizations.  Teens will also enjoy the art making activities.  Thanks to P&G for sponsoring this day!

Sat. Feb. 26 - Behringer Crawford Museum in Devue Park - Free admission all day and storytelling by Omope Daboiku at 1-2pm.  Omope has been affiliated with the Ohio Arts Council as an Artist-in-Education since 1990.  She is a member of the Cincinnati Storytelling Guild and regularly works for the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.  Following that, Wild Carrot and the Roots Band will perform music with American Roots, from jazz to folk songs. They also share and demonstrate instruments used in creating some of the music that is unique to American songwriting.