Aglamesis, Graeters, and United Dairy Farmers...the eternal Cincinnati ice cream war.  If you have to have a job, it ought to be as the ice cream taster in Cincinnati.  These family companies that have brought us all drums of ice cream with every taste imaginable.

Here, it seems as though the fat and calories associated with ice cream is only worth it for special ice cream from either Graeter's or Aglamesis'.  Maybe it's the attention that these Greek families brought to the process of making ice cream...maybe it's only the best of ingredients...maybe we all ought to have a tasting contest.

My favorite spot for ice cream has to be Aglamesis.  It has so much family history caught up in our visits.  While at Withrow High School, my husband worked there as a soda jerk and had the distinction of being the first to get ice cream on their, then new, wallpaper. After our children's school music concerts, it was always tradition to go there for ice cream as a family, often joined by other Mercy Montessori families.

There is something special about the ambiance of that pink-fronted ice cream parlor on Madison Road in Oakley.  The original tin ceiling, the white marble counters, the beautiful pink and green Tiffany lamps, the old-fashioned ice cream tables and chairs, it all adds up an experience not to be missed.  Keeping the atmosphere established in 1914 is only part of the experience.

Of course, the star of the show is ICE CREAM!  If you are visiting, my suggestions would be hard to beat.  Depending upon my mood, I love the chocolate milk shake, the red raspberry ice cream, or the Basin Street.  Don't think you can leave with only ice cream, the chocolates are also made right there in the back room and to die for!

Overall, this is a not-to-be-missed experience.  If you've never been there, add it to the itinerary for a special day in the city.