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Cincinnati's Downtown Populated by the Younger and More Educated

by The Cincinnati Team

More Young, Educated Live Downtown                       

Cincinnati, like other large cities is seeing 20-and 30-somethings flock to live downtown even while most urban centers are losing population.  Cincinnati has gained 28% in 25-34 year olds who have a four-year degree of more and live within three miles of the central business district.  Most of that population increase will be focused in Downtown, Mt. Adams, Clifton, and Mt. Auburn. 

Experts believe that young Americans are looking for a different lifestyle.  They want neighborhoods that are walkable and have art, culture, and entertainment.  Cities that offer a choice to young people of strong downtowns and close-in neighborhoods have a competitive advantage. 

Obviously, the extensive development of Downtown and Over the Rhine is driving the increase in population here.  Further plans continue to develop around the Washington Park and Findlay Market areas. 

Don't Miss "Play Me, I'm Yours" Through Sepetember 17th

by The Cincinnati Team

on't Miss "Play Me, I'm Yours" Through Sepember 17th

Last Saturday morning, we went to Findlay Market for lunch and to shop for food and enjoy all the booths.  Lo and behold, there they were playing a piano at the west end of the building, surrounded by lookers and listeners. It's a happening that doesn't happen every day!Play Me, I'm Yours - Cincinnati

Why not take yourself or your children to one of these outdoor installations and play up a storm (rest assured that Piano Buddies cover them, if a real storm approaches). Pictures of you playing outdoors will bring back memories for many years to come!

The concept for "Play Me, I'm Yours" originated in the imagination of artist, Luke Jerram, while he was visiting a laundromat.  He was looking for a catalyst for conversation in our sometime invisible communities.  He certainly found one!

The event is an outgrowth of the celebration of 150 years of public radio in Cincinnati.  A joint event, the organization came from WGUC, WVXU and WMUB. The 35 pianos are located all around their listening areas in Cincinnati, Hamilton and Oxford.

You can get all the locations by going to their website,  Special event schedules are also on the site and now people are adding pictures of their loved ones playing in the various locations.  Please add yours!

Cincinnati History Tours

by The Cincinnati Team

Are you expecting lots of company this summer?


The Cincinnati Preservation Association can provide interesting information for those who value the history of our region.  Architreks – walking tours - are offered on a regular basis between May and October and cover a wide range of areas and topics related to the neighborhoods.  Sometimes, you will actually be invited into a home or cultural site of significance.  Tours are $10 for adults and $5 for children.  Most are 2 miles or less and run from 1-2 hours.


Tours of interest include:

            Downtown Cincinnati South starting at the Contemporary Arts Center

            Downtown Cincinnati North starting at the Contemporary Arts Center

Findlay Market/Brewery District Area leaving from the Market’s north side of

         Elder Street

            Over the Rhine East leaving from the Emory Center Apartments

            Over the Rhine West leaving from the Emory Center Apartments

            Mt. Adams leaving from 1101 St. Gregory

            Clifton leaving from the corner of Middleton and Rawson Woods Lane

            Northside/Cumminsvile Area starting at Sidewinder Coffee


Check the Architreks calendar for dates when different tours are offered at:


Be sure to plan the visit to include lunch/dinner nearby or a more detailed tour of another place you visited.  Great way to spend an afternoon, enjoy the outdoors and get a little exercise!

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