Where's Indian Summer? What's happening with Cincinnati's weather? Last year, this time, Cincinnati was just getting out of 90º temperatures and into 80º temperatures. And today it looks like we will have a high of 46º with no higher temperatures in sight. So you had better turn your sights to home maintenace for the season!

Now that furnaces are fired up in everyone's homes, it is time for a safety reminder about the potential of dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning.  It is certainly vital to your family's health to avoid and prevent the gas in our homes.

What exactly is Carbon monoxide?  It is a gas that is both colorless and odorless, so it isn't easy to know you have a problem, like you can with natural gas. CO is produced when fuels such as natural gas, oil or propane combust in furnaces, water heaters or stoves.  All of these vent the resulting gases, either through chimneys or direct venting. Carbon monoxide can generate dangerous levels when something happens in the venting, through incomplete combustion, improper installation of blockages, leaks or cracks in the venting system.

Here are some tips that homeowners can follow to protect themselves:furnace inspection for carbon monoxide

  • Purchase a CO detector, (both plug-in and battery types are available) and install according to manufacturers instructions.
  • If the CO detector activates:
    • shut off all fuel-burning devices
    • open doors and windows
    • if anyone is experiencing fatigue, nausea or confusion, seek medical attention immediately
  • Be sure all devices are installed properly and vented to the outside - a good reason for those home inspections we advocate
  • Have all repairs to furnaces,water heaters and gas stoves done by licensed contractors.  Do not attempt it yourself or rely on a friendly neighbor
  • Only use the fuel specified for the device you are using
  • inspect flues and chimneys regularly for cracks, leaks and blockages and, while they are at it, have them cleaned as well.
  • Never use gas stoves and oven to heat your home
  • Never idle a vehicle in the garage, even with the door open.  It is too easy to have something distract you and someone upstairs hurt, while you deal with the other emergency.
  • And finally, one of most important, HAVE FUEL BURNING APPLIANCES INSPECTED YEARLY!

Give us a call , if you need the name of a reliable furnace company.  We recommend that you set up a service contract that provides for twice yearly inspections.  This makes sure that the job will always be done.  The Cincinnati Team maintains a list of contractors that our customers have found satisfactory.  We're happy to pass those names along to you.

Have a safe Fall (I mean Winter!)