Daily Finance has analyzed cities across the United States, looking for best cities to telecommute.  The list was compiled by first finding cities that offer a big-city experience at a small town price.  They used cities with over one million people in the metropolitan area.  Finally, they eliminated those cities whose cost of living was above the average in the US.

Next they evaluated the lifestyle needs for telecommuters.  Since studies show that remote workers tend to be more educated than average, they factored in educational attainment, number of universities and libraries and the general intellectual environment.  To do that, they looked at the Daily Beast's 2010 study of the country's smartest cities and Central Connecticut State University's study of the country's most literate cities. In conclusion, the looked at rankings of healthiest cities as determined by the American College of Sports Medicine's American Fitness Index.

All the the cities in the top tier, meet the basic needs of sophisticated city dwellers and feature cultural activities, sports activities, plus they come with reasonable prices.

Cincinnati was ranked number two on the list.  It was called out for:

  • its ballet, symphony, opera, theater and museums
  • more than 10 colleges and universities
  • headquarters to nine Fortune 500 companies and
  • fame for the culinary, from German bratwurst to our famous chili.

Cincinnati ranked as second most fit of the finalists, third most literary and second cheapest.

Other cities ranking in the tip 10 are: Austin, Atlanta, St. Louis, Raleigh, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Kansas City and Nashville.