Saturday night, we stepped back in time.  The whistle blew and we were off on the Cincinnati Dinner Train, climbing aboard at BBQ Revue on Madison Road and journeying downtown before the engine turned around to head back.   It certainly alters your experience when seeing things from up on the tracks!

We were treated like royalty, reminiscent of the golden age of rail travel.   The conductor greeted us and waseager to take care of our needs.  Bill, who was in charge of the food and drinks, made sure that everyone's dinner was up to the train's standards.  Drinks were available in the Queen City Tavern Car with large open doors for viewing the scenery as it went by.  As we sat down to white tablecloths and starched napkins, appetizers were ready on the table.  Food was served hot and appetizingly presented. At our table we had both chicken and prime rib, but salmon was also available.

The beauty of the car itself was something to remember, wood paneling and stainless steel/brass trim. The only other time we have had dinner on a train was on a longer ride in Europe from Geneva to Milan back in 1978, our 10th wedding anniversary.  It was fun to reminisce about the fun we had then!

We headed over I-71 (and watched a major backup below us...strange on a Saturday night) and then watched as familiar scenes went by, just from a different angle.  One big surprise was that the old Swallens, where all of our electronics and appliances once came from, is practically demolished. 

We were across the aisle from a group, sharing memories just as we were.  One of them, Jim Russell, was the owner of Rainbow Car Wash on Madison Road, winner of many "Best of Cincinnati" Awards. We recognized him right away, since he works side by side with his employees...might be why we always feel they have done a great job.

In the luxury domed car, the Observatory, the lounge area was perfect for the private party given for owners of the WatersEdge condos in the in Northern Kentucky area.  This development has one of my favorite designs for riverviews in Bellevue...and some are still available, if you envision a riverview condo in your future.  Give the Cincinnati Team a call...we can help.

For us baby boomers, this train ride allowed us to relive lots of memories!  You might want to try it, too.