Do you long for your Cincinnati home to have a room that radiates warmth like the ones in the magazines? You can get the same great look with a little cleverness and inspiration.

You can create rooms that are infused with style and grace by following some basic principles. The very first thing you will want to do is make a list of what you "do" in each room. How do you live in your house? After all, this is what primarily sets your home apart from your neighbor’s or your mother’s home.

If you like to entertain often, you will need to decide how many surfaces you’ll need to place drinks and plates(for the less formal gatherings) or how many will be seated.

Picture your living room with the number of people you usually have in it. Then decorate for that amount.

  • Do guests often break into smaller, more intimate groups, or converse in a large area?
  • Is the traffic flow roomy enough? Or do you have to squeeze by one another because the furniture is too bulky for the setting?
  • When alone, does your home allow you to put your feet up and relax? Or do you need to purchase an ottoman or a recliner for your family room?
  • Is there visual comfort as well? Do you have appealing artwork or sculptures? Do you have keepsakes on display? Did you include a focal point in each room?
  • How is the lighting and where is it situated?
  • Is your furniture actually comfortable? Or did you buy it because it looked nice or matched what you were searching for?

Once all these elements are in place you will be surprised how stylish your home is.  Good luck in making a comfortable Cincinnati home that others admire for its style and grace!