Home Affordability Rankings Released                             
Good News Cincinnati Buyers...more that 72 percent of homes sold between April-June, 2010 were affordable to families earning the national median income.  This data tracked by the National Association of Home Builders indicates that this is the second highest reading in the survey's history.

Be glad you don't live in the highest priced areas...10 out of 13 of which are located in California.  The highest markets are in New York City, White Plains, NY and Wayne, NJ. There, only 20% of homes are affordable to families eaning the local median income. The lowest priced markets are Monroe, MI; Bay City,MI; Mansfield, OH; Springfield, OH and Syracruse, NY.

You may be wondering how they determine these numbers.  The home affordability index is calculated based on the combination of home prices and mortgage rates.  And, of course, it makes your home more affordable.

Cincinnati is especially affordable as well.  We currently rank 46th nationally.  88.4% of our homes are considered "affordable"...meaning that the family earning the median income can afford to buy a home.