The Cincinnati Multiple Listing Service recently decided to enforce locations noted in listings of homes in various neighborhoods.

The MLS uses the CAGIS system ( as a source for the neighborhoods of the City of Cincinnati.  From now on, MLS will review all listings and verify that the area location placed in the Multiple Listing Service information corresponds with the CAGIS System.

You can expect that properties affected most by this change in policy will be those close to the border of various neighboerhoods.  Prior to CAGIS, there was no source of accurate neighborhood lines.  Authorization follows census tract data and community councils and city planning guidelines.

MLS verifies that the suburb code entered for a Cincinnati neighborhood is correct.  Recently, I have seen changes in the locations for several Hyde Park neighborhoods, changing them to Oakley.  For instance, Broadview and Country Club have long been considered Hyde Park streets as has the condo developments off Ashworth.  Aparently the CAGIS maps shows them in Oakley, so they are being changed.

This will affect average and median prices in both Hyde Park and Oakley.  So, is MLS going back and changing all these listings back in history as well?  No one knows for sure.

Do you live on a street affected by these changes?  Maybe you know the exact line between Hyde Park and Oakley, or between Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout, or between Mt. Lookout or Hyde Park.  Do you even know if your street could be considered part of another neighborhood?