Put the Cincinnati Museum Center exhibit about Cleopatra's Egypt on your calendar.  Interest in Egypt and its culture is even higher now with all the current political unrest.  This is your chance to understand more deeply the relationship between their history and their culture. 

Included in the exhibition will be 150 artifacts - including coins, jewelry, religious tokens and daily items -  from that time period.  You will also learn much more about the archaeological exhibitions currently doing research.  Did you know that they recently found Cleopatra's palace underwater?

The exhibit is sponsored by National Geographic with Arts and Exhibitions International and cooperation from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities.  Ticket demand is expected to be brisk, so order your tickets early. They will be timed and dated to accommodate the crowds.Cleopatra in Cincinnati

A Cleopatra Book Club has been announced to further educate attendees about both Cleopatra and the history of the time period.  It certainly allows you a chance to have a total immersion experience about Egypt!