Cincinnati Named one of 10 Great Cities for Young People     

Looking at the dirt-cheap rental properties and the cost of living, Cincinnati certainly belongs on this list drawn up by Kiplinger.  They described us as "an alternative to living in a big city like Chicago, while still staying in the Midwest." 

Some of our claims to fame mentioned include the large number of Fortune 500 companies here.  Additionally, projections call for adding 90,000 jobs by 2016.  Mentioned were riverboat cruises, pro and college sports, the nation's largest Oktoberfest and Skyline.  They called our top selling point, the big city sports with small town prices.

The biggest drawback they identified was that we were "more carb than culture."  Seems to me that I would have to take exception to that statement...while we certainly have our share of high carb eateries (Skyline, Izzy's, etc), our cultural institutions are considered notable throughout the country.