Cincinnati on America's "Manliest" Cities List    

​Combo's, the snack brand, in association with Bert Sperling, researcher for "Best Places To Live" have ranked Cincinnati 12th in its fourth annual "America's Manliest Cities" study.  How did that happen?

In researching Manliest Cities, they look at  things like number of bowling alleys, love of salty snacks, concentration of BBQ and wing joints,  and sports.  Certainly, the number of professional sports teams we have helps, but they also look at the number of nearby NASCAR tracks, drag racing, monster truck events and marathons.  

​What else might make us a manly city?  The number and type of cars and trucks we drive, the ability to fix household problems, and the hobbies men have like fishing, hunting or woodworking. All satisfy the criteria for a manly city.  Subscriptions to Playboy and Sports Illustrated were a plus for the rankings, while Vanity Fair and Martha Stewart Living were negatives.

Cincinnati ranked in the top 25 in all categories evaluated, including, sports, manly lifestyle, manly stores, manly magazine subscriptions and salty snack sales.  Guess Combos will continue to advertise here!

Surrounding us in Ohio, Toledo was ranked #8, and Cleveland # 9 while in Kentucky, Louisville was ranked # 11.  Oklahoma City ranked number 1, followed by Columbia, SC; Memphis, Nashville and Birmingham.