Rosenthal Next Generation Theatre Series - Every Saturday      

​Family Theatre is performed at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park each Saturday at 10:30am and 1pm.  It's fun for all ages, but specifically meant for those over age 4.

​January 14 - Crossroads with Antonio Rocha.  Using self-made sound effects and facial movement, this Brazilian performer tells fantasy animal tales.  His characters face life-changing experiences.

​January 21 - Family Bash featuring Bash the Trash. This group creates a musical event by mixing science and the arts.  They transform recycled objects into instruments and use them to thrill an audience!

​January 28 - The Tricky Caterpillar and Other Trickster Tales with LuAnn Adams.  She's back...for her 20th appearance...with new tales of animals from Africa, Russia, Jamaica and under the sea.  Explore the adventures of tricksters, truth seekers and dreamers.