National Geographic to Feature Cincinnati Zoo's Cat                 
Sarah, an eleven-year-old cheetah from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden was rated as the world's fastest land mammal and set a new world speed record.  
She ran the 100 meters in 5.94 seconds. That turns out to be about 61 miles per hour. In contrast, the fastest man recorded only 9.58 seconds for the 100 meters.
Sarah is part of the Zoo's Cat Ambassador Program and used in the Cheetah breeding facility at the Zoo.  This program is designed to halt the extinction of the animals and support education of the public.
Just a few statistics about the cheetah.  They have a flexible spine that allows them to stretch far with each stride...sometimes going over 22 feet in one stride.  They are off the ground more than half of their running time.  Their sharp, hard claws act like cleats for traction in running. No wonder she beats man!