Cincinnati's Fine Arts Fund Sampler Weekend kicks off two days of excitement and adventure this weekend.  From Anderson Township to Middletown, from Oxford to College Hill, from Mt. Adams to Fairfield and from Downtown to Wyoming the cultural institutions strut their stuff and show off the reason arts are great in Cincinnati!

The weekend exemplifies the goal of the Fine Arts Fund to "enhance our community with arts and cultural experiences that offer joy, promote inclusion, and inspire creativity for a strong region."

Sample ideas that might be fun for you or your family include:


Contemporary Arts Center -Talk with Shepherd Fairey, 4PM

College Hill Presbyterian Church - Cincinnati Opera performs Oh Freedom!, 10AM

Cincinnati Art Museum - Cincinnati Black Theatre Company performs A Revue of our Motown Celebration in the auditorium, noon

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park- Diane Macklin, storyteller, 10:30 AM and 1PM


Cincinnati Art Museum - Madcap Puppets, noon

Cincinnati Ballet- Anaya Gypsy Dance performs a fusion belly dance, 1:30 PM

Greenacres Arts Center - Southern Gateway Chorus, 1PM

Carnegie Center in Columbia Tusculum - Ballet Theater Midwest - ballets including the Beatrice Potter Portfolio followed by a garden party and tea, 1PM

There will be activities all over the city, so why not experience one in your neighborhood?