So, everyone says you should be careful to maintain high credit scores.  So, the loan officer says you can only get the best mortgage interest rates if your credit score is over 720.  So you wonder just how much you will get dinged if you do any of the "no, no's" of credit management.

MSN Money says that the following negative information will affect you credit score by...

Effect on a 680 score      Effect on a 780 score

Maxed out credit card            -10 to -30                     -25 to -45

30 day late payment              -60 to -80                     -90 to -100

Debt settlement                    -45 to -65                      -105 to -125

Foreclosure                          -85 to -105                     -140 to -160

Bankruptcy                          -130 to -150                    -220 to -240