Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public LibraryCincinnati Public Library's Downtown Branch named Busiest in North America     
What a surprise...sometimes statistics are thrown out that you didn't know anyone even took the trouble to calculate!  The downtown branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County  was the busiest in North America.
About 6 million books and other materials were borrowed...34% of the items borrowed in the entire system.   This ranked them first in the survey recently completed by the Public Library Association.
Total, 17.6 million items were borrowed throughout the system. Overall, the system is ranked eighth busiest in circulation in North America.  It was compared to 1300 other systems in the United States and Canada.  It was also the busiest year ever for the Cincinnati libraries locally, up 8 percent over last year.
Why has circulation increased so much? Staff at the library point to changes to respond to patron (customer) needs and requests. Improvements include optimized layout of space, increased programming, and 100 added computers.  Amazing what happens when even a non-profit is listening to its customer!