The confusing set of circumstances that led to the area along Erie Avenue from Ashworth down to Broadview  being declared part of Oakley has been clarified!  East Hyde Park residents had worried that being moved from Hyde Park to Oakley would affect property values.  The Cincinnati Multiple Listing Service had decided to strictly enforce the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS) map as the authority of where a home was located.

You can read more about the issue by checking out two previous blog posts:

The Cincinnati City Council met and heard about the issue.  They unanimously approved having the CAGIS map redrawn to place the area back in Hyde Park.

As predicted, there are now other areas petitioning to change their neighborhood designation on the CAGIS map.  Residents of West Price Hill want their neighborhood to be in Covedale.  Charlie Winburn, council member, speculated that Avondale might also want to become three separate parts.  Time will tell!