Explore Toy Train Layouts Throughout the Area       

As many of you know, I love trains. Everywhere you go this season, you will find a train added to the decorations. So find an activity to visit and plan to add some time to just gaze at the trains and their elaborate set ups.

  • Union Terminal - more than 2000 square feet of train track set up on four levels...a sight to see! PLUS, now the Duke Energy trains have been added to the tracks.  This is one of the largest displays in the area.  You'll enjoy Holiday Junction. 1301 Western
  • Behringer Crawford Museum in Covington - Housed in the historic Devou home, you can see theFaragherg-gauge railroad set up with hand painted village to recreate the local scene. Thomas the Train is there, too. This is now a permanent exhibit at the museum, but there have been an additional 250 feet of track added for the occasion.. 1600 Montague Rd, Covington
  • Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad - this time is is a real train that you can ride to holiday village with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. 127 S. Mechanic, Lebanon
  • Christmas Journey at EnterTrainment Junction - There are three displays to walk through including one originally exhibited at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis and one designed by the Cincinnati Garden Railway Society.  Mr and Mrs Claus are also here. - 7379 Squire Court, West Chester