Great Outdoor Weekend - September 24-25      

The Cincinnati Great Outdoor Weekend, an initiative of Green Umbrella presents a diverse sampling of nature activities in Greater Cincinnati the weekend of September 24-35.  There will be environmental education and outdoor recreation activities at over 51 sites around the area. It's all part of a push to get all of us, especially kids, enjoying the outdoors.  

Activities that sounded fun to me:

•Oiley Oiley Ocen FREE!  Backyard Games at Burnet Woods Valley shelter.  Sunday 1-3pm

•Great ARTdoors - Seeing Nature through the Arts at Gorman Heritage Farm and Evendale Cultural Arts Center, Saturday and Sunday, 10-4pm

•Be a Nature Detective at Woodland Mound - Saturday and Sunday 12-4pm

•Nature Scavenger Hunt and Critter Hike - Children's Meeting House Montessori School, Saturday 9-3pm

•Historic / Scientific Hike and Fossil Identification at Big Bone Lick State Park -Saturday and Sunday 12-4pm

For a copy of the brochure, detailing over 75 activities, go to great outdoor weekend brochure