Cincinnati Honored as One of 10 Best Cities for Raising a Family by Forbes

Forbes took a look at the 100 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the United States.  They then ranked each of them in seven categories: median income, overall cost of living, housing affordability (what percentage of the market is affordable to a family at the median income), commuting delays, percentage of families owning homes, crime rate and education quality (mainly test scores).
Cincinnati came in at Number 9.
Cincinnati came in 44th in median income, 24th in cost of living, 13th in housing affordability, 36th in commuting time, 68th in percent owning homes, 30th in crime statistics and 8th in Education.  Forbes proclaimed that there were no weak spots. Falling in the upper half of the country in every category except home ownership percentage, Cincinnati stood out.
Other cities in the top 10 include Grand Rapids, Boise, Provo, Youngstown, Raleigh, Poughkeepsie, Omaha, Ogden, and Worcester.