Good Homes will Go Fast!

Good Homes will Go Fast!

Good Homes Go Fast                                               

Cincinnati homesEven in a challenging market, good homes go fast! Smart sellers are realizing that a proactive selling strategy can go a long way in getting their home sold, even when inventories are high. Here are three tips for today’s sellers:

  1. Price your home right. Markets change, so don’t be influenced by last year’s selling activity and home prices. Buyers will evaluate your home based on what others are selling for today, so make sure you know the market and price your home accordingly.  Every neighborhood has its own local response to prices...rely on an expert, not a friend for pricing.
  3. Make your home shine. Buyers like to envision a home they can move right into. Clean carpets, fresh paint, and a nicely landscaped yard can go a long way to make perspective buyers feel at home.  Selling a home is like being part of a beauty contest today...make yours the most beautiful.

Anticipate the selling season. Many sellers wait for the market to pick up before they place their home for sale, but smart sellers anticipate these seasonal adjustments and list their homes early in the sales cycle. Give yourself the best opportunity by placing your home on the market before everyone else does!

Whether you’re looking to sell today or are thinking of selling tomorrow, please feel free to call and ask for a computer analysis of our recent market activity. We would be more than happy answer any questions you might have.  Be sure to ask us about the information we have that will help you stage your home to sell.

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