Cincinnati Named Most Tax-Friendly Large City for Businesses in US

KPMG International has awarded Cincinnati the title of "most tax-friendly, large city for businesses in the U.S."

KPMG ranked 55 large international cities in its study.  Of all cities, Cincinnati came in #16.  We came in with a total tax index of 80.8.  That is 19.2 % below the U.S. baseline of 100.
Chennai, India was the top city overall with at tax index of 46.4.  In the U.S., Baltimore, 83.2, and Cleveland, 85.2, were the next highest cities in rankings.  Out of 14 countries in the study, the U.S. ranked eighth in terms of favorability of its overall tax structure for business.
Research and development, manufacturing and corporate services were all areas where Cincinnati ranked high.