Ahhh...a weekend in Adams County, Ohio on the "Edge of Appalachia."  Murphin Ridge Inn is a special treat, a not to miss experience within 1 1/2 hours of Cincinnati.  You'll know you are there when the terrain starts to change.  Featured in the prestigious Select Registry, Distinguished Inns of North America and the National Geographic Traveler as one of the 54 top inns in the US, Murphin Ridge continues to live up to the hipe it receives.Murphin Ridge Inn

Why will YOU love a day or two relaxing at Murphin Ridge?

  • Peaceful surroundings - the 1820's farmhouse overlooks fields of soy beans.  Their 142 acres have guided paths through the woods, so there is no excuse to just sit.Murphin Ridge Inn - chairs overlooking fields Plus, it's fun to harmonize around the firepit.
  • It's in the middle of the Amish area of Adams County. In fact it is important to never speed on the winding, hilly roads.  You never know when a buggy will be just over the crest of that next hill.  It is fun to see the children playing, clothes drying on a line and imagine life without some of the modern conveniences we expect.
  • FOOD - Their chef, trained at the Culinary Institute of America, takes good food seriously.  There is an expectation that only the freshest food will be served.  The menu changes with the season and what is available in their kitchen garden and that of their Amish neighbors. Be sure to make a reservation, because the demand may exceed their limited space.
  • The innkeepers, Sherry and Darryl McKenney are truly "at your service," enlivening the experience with their knowledge of the community and just plain good cheer. You can make reservations at 877-687-7446.

Personally, I would recommend being there for three days...then you get the benefit of actually relaxing.  Know that everything for shopping will be closed on Sundays, so plan your time there with that in mind. The Amish shops are important to see-buy herbs in bulk, choose a rocking chair for your porch, eat their Amish baked goods and cheeses.Murphin Ridge Inn - rocking chairs

Other places of interest include:

  • Serpent Mound, built by the Adena Indians in the 800 B.C to 100 A.D.
  • Edge of Appalachia Preserve, 14,000 acres developed by the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science and the Nature Conservancy
  • Buzzard Roost Rock Preserve - Be sure you are in good shape for this hike. You'll find the view is worth the breathless climb!
  • Shawnee State Forest is often called the "Little Smokies" and the only state designated wilderness area.
  • Shopping in the antique shops.
  • Clothesline of Quilts is a sampler of 20 painted quilt squares on local barns.  Finding all of them is a fun part of the trail through Adams County.
  • Visiting a covered bridge should be a must if you have children along...they will probably have never seen one and as the bridges quickly disappear, they may never get the chance to show one to their children.
  • Blake Pharmacy in West Union is like the one you may remember from your childhood, but lunch there features five-cent Cokes from the soda fountain, sandwiches and milk shakes, too.

If you are planning a romantic weekend for two, reserve one of Murphin Ridge's cabins.  Built by the Amish, each cabin is slightly different, but you may Murphin Ridge Inn - diamond anniversarywant one with a two person whirlpool and two -sided fireplace.  While we were there one loving husband gave his bride of 20 years an anniversary diamond ring. The surroundings throughout the Inn are further enhanced by the antique reproductions from the Workshops of David Smith.

Go and enjoy - it's beautiful in any season and you'll return refreshed and ready for the next project!