The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County has received four major designations in the past year that recognize its stature in the country's libraries.  Most recently, the Library Journal's Index of Public Library Service named it a Star Library.

What is a Star Library?  It is one of the 258 libraries out of 7,407 public libraries in America chosen for this prestigious award.  The scores received by the libraries rated per capita service output statistics in Library visits, circulation, program attendance, and public library use.

Additionally, the Library was ranked seventh among libraries serving populations of 500,000 or more by Hennen's. It is generally agreed that the Hennen's top ranked public libraries are considered the best in the nation.Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library

The American Library Association also ranked Cincinnati's public library in the top ten for collection size.  It is one of only three in the tip ten that are public libraries.  Others include the Library of Congress, Harvard University and the New York Public Library...indeed significant competition!

The number of items checked out from public libraries is also ranked.  In 2009, the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County again place in the top ten.  There were over 16 million items borrowed.  It is worthy of note that many of the other libraries in the top ten in circulation are significantly larger that the Hamilton County areas.

Best of all, Cincinnati's library is the only library in the country to be ranked in the Top Ten by all of the library ratings, Hennen, Star, busiest circulation and Largest collection.