Arts Wave Sampler Weekends                                        

Arts Wave (formerly the Find Arts Fund) is again sponsoringArts wave - Cincinnati Sampler Weekends...with the emphasis on the plural weekends.  As part of their emphasis on taking the arts to the communities throughout the region, the events have been expanded to encompass six weekends.

So now, you have many more opportunities to celebrate the music, dance, theater, museum and festival offerings around the area.  So take your friends, family, children or neighbors in hand and plan on some special fun.  Best of all, it's FREE!

Events for March 12 that caught my eye include:

March 12 - for everything scheduled, check here

Cincinnati Ballet -

12:30-1:30 InStep, The Ballet's company demonstrates portions of popular pieces and gives insight into the life of a Ballet dancer.

1:45-2:20pm - Anaya Gypswwty Dance group combines some of the best of tribal, fusion, belly dancing.

2:30-3:00 pm - Blue Ash Shaolin Do will demonstrate a variety of Chinese Martial Arts

3:30-4:00 pm - The Pinstripes - Presenting brassy reggae and soul-pop music for your fun

iSpace at Scarlet Oakspresents four one hour sessions entitled "Robo-Art and the Art of Lego.  Create an art masterpiece using a LEGO Mindstorm robot...reservations needed, 513-612-5786