Let's take a look at the housing market in Sycamore School district's neighborhoods of Montgomery, Blue Ash, Symmes Township, and Sycamore Township, Ohio...in Cincinnati's first-ring suburbs.   We are grouping them together because they tend to attract the same group of buyers looking for a large, outstanding school district.  Homes include a limited number of new construction to 60+ years old, with the price range varying from $100-700,000.

To give you perspective about the market, the graph shows sales for the past five years, through October 31, 2009.  You can easily see the increase in prices and the decrease as the recession strengthened.  Part of that price decrease can be attributed to a higher percentage of lower priced listings sold. 

With loans harder to acquire, higher priced homes listed at over $450,000 have struggled to find buyers, both because of the inability to sell the buyer's home and the difficulty in getting significant down payments.Montgomery, Blue Ash, Symmes Twp, Sycamore Twp Market Snapshot - October,2009  This brings the median price down significantly.

 Currently the area has 266 active listings on the market.  There are 52 pending sales.  The average home sold in 101 days. If you use the last year's number of sales and compare it to the number of active listings, there are approximately 9.5 months of inventory on the market.  Looking only at the number of pending sales to active listings, a more robust market would be anticipated. The National Association of Realtors indicates that six months of inventory is a balanced market.