Freedom Center Exhibit Celebrates Music of Change


Starting June 23rd, through September 22nd, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center brings you a musical tribute to how music reflects the times we live in.  Music of Change: Hymns, Blues and Rock treats attendees to an engaging experience that focuses on centuries of music and that music's influence on social events.  Music from diverse venues - hymns, blues and rock - will all be featured.  The concept is that music gives individuals the strength to resist, reconcile and overcome societal inequality.  This makes America a better place for all!

Music of Change: Hymns, Blues & Rock will challenge and inspire visitors to recognize the power of music and how it is used in their own lives to express camaraderie in connection with social movements or attitudes.  You should leave with a new understanding of how African-American associated musical styles, like field songs, spirituals, ragtime and blues, led to rock, folk and hip-hop styles of music.  Throughout the music, both old and new, you see a hope for social change