Dis/Troy is the latest of the shows that the Playhouse interns are taking to community centers and schools throughout the region.  This particular program is recommended for youth ages 10 and up.

Homer's Iliad comes to life for the audience with dramatic fight scenes and comedy from the Greek Gods.  Even you may understand the Iliad on a level you missed in high school.  I certainly did!

Saturday night I went to the Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church for the first District A presentation of the show (District A will be sponsoring it again on February 19th at Kennedy Heights Presbyterian Church).  It was standing room only! The actors were indeed full of life.  They made the Iliad come to life, with each actor playing multiple parts. You'll love it.

If you have younger children, plan on attending for this Spring's show, Lily's Purple Plastic Purse. 

You can catch the show everywhere from Ft. Thomas to Amberley, Fairfield to Anderson Township, Clifton to Covington, Silverton to Wyoming, or Mariemont to Pleasant Ridge.  In other words, it is all over town!  Check out the Playhouse website for dates and times and location closest to you.  The show runs from through February 19th.