Want to get that $8000 tax credit from the stimulus package?  Well, you had better get on the ball right now!  For a quick video about the program, click here.

To be eligible for this "golden egg" of credit, you have to have closed on a property no later that December 1, right?  Let’s work this scenario backwards.  Close on November 30.
It will take you 45 days to get an approved loan…now we’re at October 16. 


  • What if you find major problems when you do the inspection and you don’t want that house after all? 
  • What if more than one person wants the house you want and you end up not being the highest bid and having to start over? 
  • What if there is a credit issue that has to be cleared up…no, Uncle Sam is not going to say that you get special dispensation just because the credit reporting company made a mistake. 

We can go on with "what if’s" that we have seen all night, the point is, if you plan to get the free $8000 that only first time buyers qualify for, you’d better not procrastinate!

Can you find an acceptable home in the next two months?  It may not be as easy nor as fast a process as you would like, so NOW IS THE TIME TO START LOOKING.

Call us for the notebook we have developed that helps educate you about the entire homebuying process.  We’ll be happy to help you dodge the minefields and find your first home!  For more details, watch this video.