If you are trying to decide on where to search for a new home in Cincinnati neighborhoods, the local crime statistics will be of interest to you. There is a new FREE website that could answer your questions, www.CrimeReports.com.

When you go to www.CrimeReports.com, you will put in a location and get a nearly real-time report.  The report generates a map, so you feel confident that the location was correct, followed by a list of any crimes that have been committed within a specified distance of the subject property.  You can ask for all types of crimes or limit it to more serious offenses. Plus you can tell them how far back in time to search.

Currently, the site partners with more than 500 law enforcement agencies, covering over 25% of the population. I was interested that it gave me addresses of the locations where there were crimes, and when that criminal was captured, it tells you when and where they were captured, by what law enforcement agency and the name of the person arrested besides. 

At this point, it appears that not all neighborhoods have been entered into the database.  Every address I entered in the City of Cincinnati showed up easily. When I entered Newtown, Milford and Wyoming, they showed no crimes.  I'd like to think there had been no crime, but assume there has at least been a speeding ticket handed out!

The website also has a valuable system to send automatic email crime alerts to you, the consumer. These alerts can go out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for your home or business address. All you need to do is enter in a valid address and valid email address.  Crime alerts from www.CrimeReports.com could perform a valuable community service as we all work to prevent/reduce crime and avoid being a victim.