Playhouse in the Park, Mt. Adams Ohio

Second City Does Cincinnati: Pride and Porkopolis
Are you familiar with Chicago's Second City?  If you have been to see the Chicago comedy club, you have some idea of what Cincinnati is in for when their troop arrives here to "roast" the city. 
They came to the Playhouse in the Park in July to do research about the city and its idiosyncrasies.  After talking to Board members, city leaders and people on the street, the crew went back to Chicago to write the outline for its presentation.  Expect a mixture of improv and carefully crafted segments.
You can expect mentions of the flying pigs, 3-ways, Opening Day, Who Dey, East Side/West Side, politicians and other things that make Cincinnati unique.  The show starts in the Thompson Shelterhouse on November 6th and runs through January 9th.  Goetta get your tickets NOW!