Soup's On!   January 21, 2012                                                                          
The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County in Forest Park will be hosting an educational session by author Cheri Brinkman on January 21 at 11 am.  She is the local author of two cookbooks sharing favorite recipes from the Queen City.  Her cookbooks include Cincinnati and Soup and Cincinnati and Soup: A Second Helping.  

Inside you'll find classic Cincinnati recipes and great homemade soups.  Some of the featured recipes come from the Ruth Lyons Show, the Bob Braun Shows, the Paul Dixon Show, Bonnie Lou, Colleen Sharp, Shillito's, Pogues, the Terrace Garden, Grammers, the Wigwam, and the Hotel Sinton.  That's a blast from the past, if you ask me!  There's everything you'll need to celebrate cooking, Cincinnati style, tonight. Reservations are required for the event.