According to the Central Ohio River Valley initiative, there are lots of reasons to eat locally and sustainably grown food.  They suggest that you commit to making two changes to your eating practices this growing season!

Changes might include growing some of your own food, having an all local meal at least once a week, making a commitment to get to know one of the farmers' that grows/ raises your food or even planting your own garden.

They hope you will consider asking where food is grown and what's in season.  Then choose local over non-local and family growers when possible.  Many Cincinnati areas have farmer's market days once a week.

Consider going to the following for your produce:

Monday - Pleasant Ridge, Nativity Church

Tuesday - Wyoming, Municipal Lot

Wednesday - Milford, corner of 31 & 50

Thursday - Mt Washington, Campus and Beechmont

Saturday - Anderson Township, Anderson Center Park and Ride

Sunday - Hyde Park, US Bank lot on Edwards

And don't forget the wonderful offerings at Findlay Market!