Taxes! Taxes! Taxes! Oh, my!

Taxes! Taxes! Taxes! Oh, my!

Taxes! Taxes! Taxes!                                           
Have you taken a look at your property tax assessment lately?  You may be paying too much in property taxes and the time to appeal your assessment is now.
With the economic downturn, prices in most neighborhoods have gone down and that means that the value of your house has gone down with it.  However, local governments are counting on every dime of your taxes and are reluctant to respond to market changes quickly. So it is up to you to be proactive, if you believe they have valued your property too high.
How are taxes determined?  The assessed value is multiplied by the amount of tax millage that has been voted for your neighborhood...those numbers include school taxes, county taxes and special assessments for libraries, zoo, museums, etc.  So take a look at your tax bill and your assessment and evaluate comparable neighboring sales.
Give us a call...we will be glad to do a market analysis of your home and help you prepare the documents you might submit with an appeal.
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