Probably one of the most exciting shows of the Playhouse's 50th Anniversary season, Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters has been rewritten for the stage by Sarah Ruhl...more than 100 years later.  With new, modern language, a cast made up of experienced Broadway actresses and actors, and the return of the Tony Award-winning Director John Doyle, you are in for an EXPERIENCE!

I toured the scene shop last month and saw the beginnings of the stage taking shape.  Fascinating to see how they plan for putting the stage together, piece by piece, ahead of time.  I was astonished to see how they aged the walls and showed us ways they create cracks and holes in the plaster.  It all ends up looking like an aging mansion in decaying Russia.

The angst experienced by the three sisters trapped in a backwater town underlies the story, as they dream of returning to Moscow where they imagine life will be transformed and fulfilled.  Throughout the production, love lies deep and untapped for some, affairs are alluded to, desires frustrated and characters consistently pursue their happiness.

The remarkable Broadway cast pulls it off.  The play has been nominated for 10 Acclaim Awards, the highest number ever given.  Overall, it is a challenging play, that you won't soon forget.