haven't enjoyed the best that summer has to offer if you haven't visited this cemetery dedicated by Salmon Chase himself in 1845!  The Cincinnati Horticultural Society "endeavored to find a location suitable for creating a picturesque park-like institution, a rural cemetery contiguous to the city."  They sought a setting with a "contemplative atmosphere conducive to consolation, commemoration and education."

As you go by so of the resting places of famous Cincinnati families, you can remember the contribution they made to our city.  Watch for names like Proctor, Schmidlapp, Gamble, Laws, Probasco and many others of note. Everywhere, there are important 19th century buildings.

Two events that might interest you occur in the next week.  On June 23, they will hold a "Champion Tree Walk."  Participants will be able to see some of the State and National Champion Trees that are located in the cemetery.  On June 28 from 10:30-3PM they will sponsor "Dog Day."  This is the one and only day that dogs are allowed on the grounds.  There will be a 1.5 mile walk to benefit the SPCA.

We recently enjoyed a dazzling wedding ceremony there, as the light came through the beautiful stained glass window in Norman Chapel.