Walnut Hills High SchoolWalnut Hills High School is a Cincinnati City Public Schools college-preparatory high school serving over 2,000 students.  The school was recently named to the U.S. News and World Reports list of the best 100 high schools, ranked at #65.  These top schools received the coveted Gold Medal Award. This honor is particularly exciting for the school, since many of the other schools in the top 100 were private institutions.

Walnut Hills High School serves grades 7-12.  Its admission is based upon scores on a standardized test.  All those admitted must pass both the math and reading portions of the test. The school has a "classical format," requiring all students entering in seventh or eighth grades to take three years of Latin.  According to their curriculum guide, they offer more advanced placement courses than any other school in the country.

Walnut Hills High School's motto, "Sarsum ad Surrum" which is Latin for "Rise to the Highest," is appropriate for the concept and quality of the school.

You may be asking about the methodology used by U.S. News and World Report. Their research starts with the basic premise that a great high school must serve all its students well and be able to produce measurable academic outcomes.  They analyzed high schools throughout the nation, primarily using data from Ohio state proficiency standards for the 2007-08 school year.  They were looking for schools where studenU.S News and World Reportts were performing better than statistical expectations, factoring in the percentage of economically disadvantaged students.

The final step in the process attempts to evaluate college-readiness performance, using Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate test data.  Based upon the number of students who took the tests and the percentage that had passing scores, the school was then eligible for selection into the top tier of schools.

Other local schools that made this listing with its poverty-adjusted performance index are: Bronze Awards to Clark Montessori High School, Fairfield High School, Robert A. Taft Information Technology High School and St. Bernard-Elmwood Place High School and Honorable Mention to Indian Hill High School and Wyoming High School.