The Hyde Park East Committee is on the agenda for the Oakley Neighborhood Council meeting on Tuesday, August 3 at 6PM at the Oakley Community Center in Hyde Park we all realize how intertwined these neighborhoods are anyway...meeting at the Oakley Community Center in Hyde Park Plaza, oh, my!Hyde Park East

So what's the beef?  In the Fall of 2009, the Multiple Listing Service of Cincinnati began classifying most streets in Hyde Park East as being located in Oakley.  Hyde Park Neighborhood Council had always considered the area as part of Hyde Park and for 40 years, the MLS had classified the area as Hyde Park.  Residents have 400 signatures on a petition to bring their area back under Hyde Park in MLS and with the Neighborhood Council.

How did this happen?  MLS started to enforce the areas using CAGIS(Cincinnati Area Geographic Information Service) maps.  CAGIS says that they did not change the boundaries, but followed the Cincinnati Community Council Boundary Map.  In the research done by the Hyde Park East Committee, the area is always shown as Hyde Park.  If you want to see the video they put together for the Oakley meeting, go to

The committee under the leadership of Jeff Orschell, Ward Smith, Terry Eschmeyer and Mike Mathias, have carefully researched the history of the area.  They have been given time to make a presentation at the Oakley Community Council meeting.  Show your support by going to the meeting...a strong turn out will let them know how important this issue is to the residents of the area.