Just in Time for the Choir Games...Washington Park      

Washington Park's renovation continues at a rapid pace...exciting things are happening there. First of all, a much needed garage is being built that will be under part of the Park.  Not only will this house cars for Music Hall and Memorial Hall, it will provide much needed parking for residents of homes and lofts all around the Square.

Fun changes you will see when it reopens this summer include a flag installation, a dog park and a fabulous children's playground. The brainchild of Joan Kaup and Angela Morrow, there will be 80-100 small flags and as many as 25 large flags.  Large flags will be sponsored by companies and organizations, which will then get artists to paint the flags for them.  There are even scholarships to allow community members, who can't afford to sponsor and paint their own flags, to join in the fun.

Additionally the Humana Corporation has donated money for the children's playground. The 18,000 square foot playground will feature a castle, climbing wall and a canal boat. Sounds like we will soon be hearing dogs barking, children laughing, and people breaking into song.

If you want to follow the progress, check out the Washington Park website.