Moving Day

Moving Day

22 Things you should do before & on moving day!

Welcome Home!

If you are a first time home owner or a veteran homeowner, moving to a new town or just moving across town, you need to do the following tasks, as soon as possible. Time is of the essence!

  1. Keep a Survival Kit of Human Necessities in your car

      Bottled Water & Food: Energy Bars, Dried Fruit, Peanut Butter

      Paper plates, plastic utensils, plastic cups, Toilet Paper, Soap, Paper towels

      Prescription Medicines (any you take daily)

      First Aid Kit

      Shaving kit & cosmetic bag

      Cash in Small Denominations

      Cell phone battery chargers

      Change of clothes for everyone in household

      Toolbox with basic tools

      Flashlights (with new batteries)

      Heavy Duty Extension Cords


  1. Board Your Pets


  1. Change the Locks

          Give a new key to each member of the household. Change the code or frequency   

          of your Garage Door Opener.


  1. Locate Emergency Exits

    Can you find the doors in the dark? Unlock the doors in the dark? Open and close   

    all windows and know how they work?


  1. Find your water cut off valve and know how to turn off


  1. Find Gas shut off valve and know how to turn off


  1. Find the Main Electric Circuit Breaker and know how to turn off


  1. Find Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

         Do they work? Age?


  1. Fire Extinguishers

  Put one in kitchen and garage.  (Ask local Fire Dept. for advice on types).


  1. Locate the Thermostat

          Know how to turn on/off the thermostat.


  1. Flashlights - Put one by each door or exit.


  1.  House Numbers and Memorize your new address for emergencies

         Repaint the numbers on the front door, curb, or mailbox. Need visibility for UPS, FedEx, Pizza guy, and 911.


  1. Driver’s License

       Change your address


  1. Meet the Neighbors and pets too.


  1.  Homeowners’ Association or Condo Association

Meet the Officers & Directors. Read Deed Restrictions Again. See a lawyer if you   

need advice.


  1. Mail person and other Delivery People

           Meet and greet. Find nearest UPS, USPS and FedEx offices.


  1. Garbage Day

         Find out when and if there are rules for Recyclables, Leaves, Tree limbs, Environmental Waste, Bulky items, Etc.


  1. Light Bulbs

          Buy replacement bulbs for every socket inside and out.


  1. Filters

         Buy replacement filters for air conditioners, oven range hood, etc.


  1. Cancel your previous services

       Make certain that you have cancelled your previous Cable TV, Internet, Utilities, Homeowner’s Insurance, Landline                     Telephone, Newspaper, Alarm Co., and Pest Control, if applies.


  1. Change your Address

       Contact Banks, Credit Card Co.s, Insurance Co.s, Social Security, Medicare and other important offices directly. Do not             rely on the USPS Change of Address form. YOU will be responsible for lost mail, delayed mail, or mail sent to your old               address.


  1. The Deed to Your New Home

      Contact the Clerk of Court’s Office to verify that the Deed is properly recorded. If you have any questions, ask the Clerk of          Court or see and attorney.

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