Cincinnati Team's Success to a Sale

Cincinnati Team's Success to a Sale




The Cincinnati Team’s Excellence in Action!

Marketing Program for Sellers


We can outline proven action items we use for meeting the objective of selling your property...


·    For the most money,


·    In the quickest amount of time


·    With the least amount of hassle to the seller


While most steps are required for all sales, a customized marketing program is tailored to

the unique aspects of each listing. The key to a successful sale is no single factor, but

rather the overall impact of the total marketing effort.


Our promotional efforts focus upon the most likely sources of buyers. Based upon sales information from the past two years, we know that nearly 80% of the buyers come through other agents in the area. We always promote to this important source. Of course, we also commit resources to reach the other 20% of our buyers who come as a result of the internet, advertising, yard signs, open houses, mailings, and other direct buyer contact. 

​Call us today so we can take action!  Saralou 513-646-4819 or Mary 513-310-4448 of The Cincinnati Team!

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