Factors Affecting Marketability

Factors Affecting Marketability


‚ÄčFactors Affecting Marketability

of Your Property


Some Factors are Beyond Our Control

Physical Features-Location of property, size of home, acreage, floor plan, architectural style

Market Conditions- Buyer demand, prices of recently sold properties, interest rates, availability of financing, condition of the economy, time of year

The Competition- The number of similar properties for sale, their prices, financing terms, location, and physical condition


Some Factors Are Within Our Control

Listing Price and Terms- A thorough Competitive Market Analysis will give us a realistic guide to help estimate the best price obtainable in today’s market

Condition of Property, Inside and Outside- “Package” your Property to stand out over the competition

Promotional Strategy and Ease of Showing- Agree on a marketing plan tailored to your property, spelling out the most effective action steps to help sell your home as quickly as possible, for the best price obtainable


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